California Consumer Privacy Act

What is CCPA?

California Consumer Privacy Act – referred to as CCPA, is a new California Law introduced on January 1st, 2020 and is designed to give additional control and awareness to the consumer as to what personal data is being collected about them and where it goes. Additionally, the consumer now has the right to demand, audit or require deletion of data YOU electronically collect and store.

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Who should have CCPA compliance?

We highly recommend CCPA compliance for every California based customer using a Style Agent WordPress website (2013 onward).  CCPA compliance is not available to any customer with a ‘Classic’ (non WordPress) Style Agent website.

Protecting your website

Due to the complexity of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), we have purchased licensed software from Complianz, a Netherlands based company specializing in privacy suite software.  Complianz provides the only Privacy Suite that offers a fully-featured plugin for GDPR, DSGVO, ePrivacy, CCPA, COPPA and more! Click here to learn more about Complianz.

What we do to make your website CCPA compliant

There are a number of steps involved in making your website CCPA compliant.  Fortunately, this only needs to be done once and then the Complianz software will automatically update your website (as long as you have a active SiteCare subscription) when any changes to the CCPA laws are made.  These changes would automatically be updated on your website so no further work would be necessary.  Please see the list below showing the exact steps we take to make your website CCPA compliant.

  • Purchase and install a valid SSL certificate (if your site is not already SSL encrypted).
  • Install the Complianz WordPress plugin and implement all of the necessary settings for your California based business.  The plugin will then generate ‘Do Not Sell My Personal Information’, ‘Privacy Statement’ and ‘Disclaimer’ pages as required by CCPA.
  • Add a banner at the bottom of your website to notify your website visitors “This website uses cookies to enhance user experience and to analyze performance and traffic on the website.”  Links are generated to ‘Do Not Sell My Personal Information’ and ‘Privacy Statement’ pages.
  • Add permanent links to your website (typically in the footer) linking to ‘Do Not Sell My Personal Information’ and ‘Privacy Statement’ pages or alternatively (depending on design constraints) a ‘Settings’ button will remain at the bottom of the screen so that the user can access and change their Cookie settings at any time.

After setup, your website will include a valid Complianz license (as long as you have an active SiteCare subscription) so it will automatically receive updates from Complianz as and when necessary.

How Much Does it Cost?

Style Agent will make your website CCPA compliant for $50.00 one-time setup.  Additional fees will also apply if your website does not currently have an SSL certificate, which is also required for CCPA compliance.

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