Custom Page Development

What is a custom page?
A custom page is any page that you ask us to create and add content to, that is not a ‘core’ page that is included with the website base pricing. Click here to see the list of ‘core’ pages included with the website pricing. We have carefully calculated our pricing so that folks that require less custom pages – pay less, and folks that need more – pay more.

How do you calculate time/cost for custom page development?
We assess all custom page development by time needed to create the page and add your content to the page. That time will be assessed at our regular hourly rate.

You request and provide content for an ‘About Me’ page and a ‘Testimonials’ page. We review your content for both pages and calculate the time to be 70 minutes.

You are always given the option to proceed with the custom page development or revise based on cost. You can add custom pages after the website is launched so everything is completely flexible based on your specific needs and financial situation.

Talk to us
Chat with a designer to discuss your specific needs and get an estimate for your website project.


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