Custom Page Development

Our website package includes up to 4 hours of design time for the development of custom pages. Provide your custom page names and content for integration into your site during the website build. If needed, additional design time can be added at our regular hourly rate.

What is a custom page?
A custom page is any page that you ask us to create and add content to.  Please note: your website is loaded with ‘core’ pages (homepage, contact, find your dream home, mortgage calculator, etc.) that are not considered custom pages.  Click here to see the list of core pages.

How many custom pages do I get for 4 hours of design time?
It all depends on the amount of content and formatting required for each of your custom pages. For instance, if you have a simple ‘About Me’ page with a medium amount of text and one photograph, that page may take around 20 minutes of design time.  If you have a ‘Testimonials’ page with a decent amount of customer reviews, then that may take 50 minutes.  Basically – some pages take longer, some pages take less.  During the development stage, we will assess the time needed to create and integrate content into your custom pages.

What if I need more than 4 hours of custom page development time?
Many customers require 4 hours or less of custom page development time so you may not need to pay anything extra!  However, if you do need more than 4 hours of design time for custom page development, you will be notified of the exact time and applicable costs.  Additional payment is completely optional and you can always choose to leave some pages out and add them at a later date.


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