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IDX Broker

IDX Broker™

Power up your Style Agent website with IDX Broker™

Since 2013, we have partnered with IDX Broker™ to seamlessly integrate powerful home search & lead management tools directly into our WordPress real estate websites.  IDX Broker™ is the perfect complement to any Style Agent website and adds a ton of functionality and lead generating capabilities in one beautiful package.  We provide this leading IDX system at cost and take care of the IDX setup, website integration, billing and front line support – saving you time, money and stress!

IDX Broker™ Lite

IDX Broker™ Lite is the entry-level package which offers the essential features and functionality your clients need to start their home search within your website.  Watch the video below to see how we integrate IDX Broker™ Lite into a Style Agent website.

IDX Broker™ Platinum

IDX Broker™ Platinum includes the features of Lite plus map search widgets, powerful lead capture settings, social logins, market reports and more – helping your website stand out in a competitive marketplace.  Watch the video below to learn more about the additional features included with Platinum.

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