Licensed Website Ownership

Feature in Focus: Fully Licensed Website Ownership

Break free from your current real estate website provider and get a real estate website that’s fully licensed to you!

A Style Agent 3/4 custom real estate website is fully licensed to you and allows you to do whatever you want with it. After launch, you can decide to take the website with you or choose for Style Agent to manage it for you.  Unlike the majority of other real estate website providers, Style Agent does not force you into a long term contract and we don’t own the rights to your website either.  This flexible attitude leaves you free to decide how you want to manage your website after we go live and in the future.  Now, how refreshing is that?!

Option 1 / Take The Website With You

After your website is ready for launch, Style Agent will zip it up and hand you the files in a lovely little package. You are then 100% responsible for arranging your own hosting and support for the website.

Option 2 / SiteCare

SiteCare is the smart choice for any busy Realtor® and gives you total peace of mind. For an affordable monthly rate, you’ll enjoy reliable website hosting on our fast dedicated servers, WordPress security, technical support, video tutorials and 30 minutes per month of updates performed by our design team.

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