A new year is almost upon us, which makes this a great time to jump on a fresh start! Perhaps your website is in need of an overhaul to stay current with the times, or maybe you still haven’t gotten around to launching a website that best represents your business. Whatever your real estate website goals are, Style Agent has a finely crafted service ready to make life easy for brokerages and agents alike.


While thinking about your real estate website goals, consider these questions:


Before getting started, do you really need a website?

Website goalsThese days, the answer is always yes! Taking that one giant leap further, you also need a responsive website, and Style Agent has got you covered. For years now, our WordPress real estate websites have been built to be used seamlessly on smartphones, tablets and more. Our websites perform beautifully on devices other than computers, keeping your home buyer clients in touch with the latest listings and data needed while they are on the go with only their smartphones in hand.


Does your branding match your website?

If not, it is the perfect time to sync up your marketing and get that professional image across! Our designs come in various layouts to suit many logo styles perfectly. Designers at Style Agent work with you to find the right design to display your branding at its best.


Who is your website for?

We all know that stats, maintaining your personal brand and solid personal presence for your real estate business is key to attracting clients who largely begin their search online. It just doesn’t make sense to miss out on one of the most basic tools out there that can connect you with your next new client.

Who is your website for?But, what do you want to say to your prospective clients? Do you have years of impressive sold listings to show off? Are you a newer agent with a firm grasp on social media, in need of a way to share your slick marketing plan with new clients?

Whatever your strengths are, be sure to convey them in your website’s photos, the content you share, and so on. Working with Style Agent affords you the opportunity to say all you need to and more with our flexible real estate websites and designers here to make sure your website works hard for you.


You know your budget, but how much time do you have to invest?

Losing timeYou’ve done some research and know how much you would like to spend on your new website, which is a vital step in getting started. But have you considered how much of your own time you will invest in your new website?

Free and cheap websites from providers such as Squarespace and Wix sound like a great idea. And why shouldn’t they strike a chord with web savvy real estate professionals? They are quick to set up, and have minimal cost to launch and maintain. It all sounds like an excellent idea… until you soon discover what limitations come with free products. Free can equate to contact forms that don’t function as well as you hoped. It can mean photos you upload don’t fill a space correctly, and you aren’t given the editing tools to make what should be tiny adjustments. At Style Agent, we often hear from very capable realtors that they no longer wish to invest time in banging their heads against the wall with their free website. As you begin to lose time with a website editor that never gets your changes quite right, that website is no longer free – it is gobbling up your time and slowing you down.

While custom website development can be a complete 180-turn from the often-frustrating free website, the process can also eat more time and money than you had realized as the scope, ideas and meetings go on and on.

At Style Agent, our process uses smart practices from all options to provide a streamlined and customized experience.  That paired with our friendly support leads to success time and time again.


How can I make my website stand out from the rest?

Standing outAdd your own killer content! Let Style Agent build you a beautiful website, so you can create content that proudly confirms you as the expert in your area. It’s true that the more you put into your real estate website, the better it will serve you for years to come.

Look at what other real estate professionals have come up with to set their websites apart from the pack:

We can help!

Chat with one of our friendly designers and let our years of experience make your new real estate website a success. At Style Agent, our real estate websites range from stunning and minimal to maximalist with all the bells and whistles. We have got you covered, whatever your business style may be. Our designs are built to showcase your core strengths, while remaining flexible enough to change as times and your business requires. Make 2020 your best year yet and get in touch today.


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