One Month Build Time

One Month Build Time

After we receive all the required setup items (worksheet, navigation, content, photos, etc.), your website will be built and ready for pre-launch review within one month.  For a custom quality real estate website, this turnaround time is truly exceptional.  Click here to see the detailed explanation of the design process.

What happens at pre-launch review?

When your website is ready for pre-launch review, we will provide you with our design notes and a link to view your website on our testing server.   You will then have two weeks in which to view the site and request any tweaks and changes that are needed, ready for the website to go live.

Did you know?  Style Agent considers a website that is ready for pre-launch review as a fully realized website that is ready to go live.   Tweaks and changes are expected but if you love what we’ve done and want to show the world, then we’re ready to launch!

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