Premium WordPress Themes

Working from an evolving pool of literally thousands of highly rated WordPress themes, our design team will scout out and hand-pick a selection of themes that match your desired criteria, and help you to choose the perfect design for your website project.

We only work with 4 star or higher rated themes from ThemeForest and specifically look for tried and tested themes from solid developers with a good pedigree.  This helps to ensure the stability and longevity of the theme as WordPress evolves.  The themes are classed as ‘premium’ because they require payment for the rights (license) to legally use the theme on one website build.  The cost of the theme is completely included in the price of your Style Agent real estate website package!

These premium WordPress themes use the latest coding and feature cutting-edge designs rarely seen in the real estate industry.  Which is why Style Agent real estate websites give you a unique look and help you stand out from the crowd.



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