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SitePass Design Time

Load your SitePass with 30-minute time blocks and use for work performed by our design team. This covers content support requests such as creating a new page, content edits, blog posts, uploading photos, SEO (search engine optimization), and other ad hoc work you are asking our website designers to perform on your behalf.  SitePass is a pay-as-you-go service and therefore is not subject to ongoing monthly service fees, which is always good.

SitePass Design Time
Monthly Minutes

Our Speed and Boost website maintenance plans include 30 or 60 SitePass monthly minutes that you can use for work our design team performs.   Unused SitePass monthly minutes do not roll over and are reset at the end of each billing period.

Reserve Minutes

SitePass reserve minutes are used as a backup for when you require more than your allocated monthly SitePass minutes.  Reserve minutes are purchased in 30-minute time blocks and never expire.

No Expiration Date

Design Card reserve minutes do not expire so there is no pressure to use them. For example, if you buy 1 x Design Card to cover a 30-minute job, the remaining 30 minutes will stay on your card until your next work request, whenever that may be. You are never penalized for not using your minutes!

Precise Time Assessment

Unlike other website developers, we calculate all design work to the minute and do not round up to the nearest quarter, half, or full hour. Therefore, if your job takes 18 minutes, then 18 minutes will be deducted from your SitePass, giving you a honest and precise approach to time assessment.

Less Transactions

Buying your SitePass in advance means that there’s just one transaction for lots of smaller jobs rather than charging your card every time you request an update. Fewer transactions = more time savings, which is perfect for clients who use our website design services frequently.

SitePass Report

A detailed log of SitePass requests is included with your monthly SiteCare website maintenance report. This includes a description of each work request, how many SitePass minutes have been used, and how many minutes are remaining. This information can also be requested via email at any time.

Complimentary SitePass

All clients receive ONE complimentary SitePass with the activation of their SiteCare subscription. That’s 60 minutes of free design time to use whenever needed. Simply refill your SitePass when the minutes are getting low or purchase multiple passes for your next big website overhaul.