Style Agent Celebrates its 14th Anniversary!

Time flies when you’re having fun! We are excited to kick off our 15th year and have spent this time to reminisce on our journey thus far.


Our clients’ success is our point of pride.  When clients share they gained new clients through simply having the better looking website, we are spurred on knowing they can follow that up with strong functionality and top quality features to retain those new clients for years to come.  There is a real excitement to a job well done and we thank every client we have ever had the pleasure of working over these 14 years. Our clients truly do make us better, their tips and insights on how to further tweak and shape our product has been a boon over the years.

We would be lost without our many clients whose friendly chats on the phone gave us helpful feedback that allows us to take on fun, new challenges – thank you for being excited about new possibilities with us.

To our clients who recommended our product to their colleagues – knowing we have created websites Realtors and Brokers can both enjoy using and show off makes our design-loving hearts skip a beat.  Thank you for the support and kind feedback over the years!


We were unknown and small, going up against the likes of companies that had been well established for 10 – 15 years at that point.  What set us apart from the rest was the constant desire to make real estate websites that both looked fantastic and worked. Offering our work at an affordable price point was also a vital element. We wanted real estate professionals to stand apart from the crowd whether they were seasoned experts or just getting their business off the ground.

Back in 2005, design practices were a far cry from the layouts and functions we have grown accustomed to today.  Annoying animated graphics and horrifying combinations of colors and text were commonplace. Simple, effective design had yet to hold sway.  At Style Agent, we found our inspiration in the minimal and classic styling found in architecture, interior design, luxury magazine layouts and more.

While some competitors focused on client growth over substance and product, Style Agent focused on offering working tools, head turning good designs, with caring and dedicated team members to provide real support.

Style Agent’s focus has and always will be on creating products that stand the test of time – a naive goal in the ever-changing online world really.  That tenacity guides us in building real estate websites that stay far away from gimmicks and fast fading trends we often see thrown at real estate professionals.  Our efforts are heavily invested in getting to that happy point where great design, marketing potential and search engine friendliness intersect.

Our designers never falter in their quest for perfection, we strongly believe in doing things that might take more effort to produce those lasting results.  14 years from the start, our outlook remains much the same.


Our team started small and has remained close since our beginnings in the Bay Area in 2005. We quickly relocated after launching our company to stunning Santa Fe, New Mexico and life has brought many changes over those sun-soaked years in the gorgeous high desert. As of 2019, the company has moved to Laguna Beach, California. The Style Agent team continues to enjoy managing their workflow and new projects there. Beach life in gorgeous Orange County is an unbelievable treat and we look forward to the new design inspiration we find in coastal living.  Here’s to another brilliant 14 years!


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