Arizona's #1 Realtor

This month, Joan Levinson was named one of “America’s Best Realtors 2020” by Newsweek Magazine™, coming in at #51 Nationally and #1 in the State of Arizona, with $126 million in sales. In 2017 Joan previously sold the then most expensive home in Arizona for $15.65 million. She has now sold 2 of the top 5 most expensive homes in Arizona history, and has 2 of the top 3 sales within the last 12 months.

Joan’s continued success is also a testament to her online presence and her beautiful Style Agent real estate website which offers a wealth of information about Paradise Valley, AZ and the surrounding areas. The website is also enhanced with IDX Broker Platinum which operates autonomously in the background to free up time for Joan to do what she does best.

We are delighted that Joan has put her trust in Style Agent to build and maintain her real estate website and are looking forward to hearing more success stories from other clients in the near future.

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