About Style Agent

Real Estate Website Boutique

bou·tique: a small company that offers highly specialized services or products.

Since 2005, our reputation for creating quality real estate website design has grown and grown.  For over eleven years, we’ve provided real estate professionals with a stylish alternative to those ordinary ‘cookie-cutter’ websites and a timely, affordable alternative to expensive custom real estate website design.

We are a smaller, boutique company based in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico and therefore are able to offer a much more personalized and higher quality service than our bigger competitors. In fact, we even limit the intake of new clients on a monthly basis to allow for continued development without a reduction in quality.

As a hard-working Realtor®, we know your time is extremely valuable. Creating and maintaining a reliable, effective and beautiful real estate website requires a lot of time and know-how.  Do what you do best and leave the website building to us.

Our 3/4 custom real estate websites, are as close as you can get to a custom website without the custom website price tag and lengthy build time.  At a fraction of the cost of a quality custom website, you will have a hand-picked design, built specifically for your business needs.  Your real estate website will be as unique as you.

We have perfected the art of creating beautiful, modern real estate websites with clean lines.   We obsess about good design and our number one goal is to continue building the best looking and best performing real estate websites anywhere.

The WordPress themes we work with are cutting-edge, highly rated, and thoroughly modern.  Each theme has undergone a tremendous amount of programming and design even before we customize it for you.  This is one of the reasons how we are able to create such high quality work at such good pricing and in a timely manner.

Company Timeline

2005 - 2006

2005 – 2006

Style Agent began on September 1st, 2005 from our humble offices at the Ballena Isle Marina in Alameda, California. It was an exciting time to be involved in a start-up design company and we knew that we were developing a good product and a strong business that was going to be around for a very long time. The real estate market was booming and it didn’t take us long to build a strong customer base.

2006 - 2013

2006 – 2013

In February 2006, after an incredible first 5 months, we relocated our entire operation to beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico to enable the business to develop and prosper without the pressures of life in the Bay Area. After the move we continued to grow our client base and fine-tune our services to meet an ever-changing industry. During this time, we became a major player in the real estate website market.

WordPress Updates

2013 – 2015

In October 2013, we completed a 10 month long re-development of Style Agent from the ground up. We switched over to building entirely on the WordPress platform and exclusively using only responsive mobile design. Sticking with the template based philosophy that had been so successful for us over the years, we developed a series of 12 WordPress themes for our clients to choose from.

2015 - Present

2015 – Present

On September 1st, 2015 we celebrated our 10th Anniversary with the launch of our new 3/4 custom real estate websites. After 10 years of success we decided to step outside of the box and break free from template based design to offer a more complete, custom real estate website solution.  Now in 2017, demand for our real estate website service has reached an all time high!