Go from zero to stylish in 3 easy steps with our streamlined website design process
Step 1 Progress 25%

1a: Project Creation

After ordering your new website, we will create your project on Basecamp (our favorite web-based project-management tool) and invite you to collaborate. At this stage, through Basecamp, you will complete a website worksheet, then chat with a designer by phone to discuss your goals and determine what type of designs will suit your business needs.

1b: Design Presentation

Within a few days, from a pool of literally thousands of themes, we will scout out and carefully hand-pick a selection of designs that match your desired criteria. After you have shortlisted your top 5 favorite designs, a designer will contact you to discuss your list and help you to choose the number 1 design to be used as the foundation for your website.

Step 2 Progress 75%

2a: Navigation + Photographs + Content

After choosing your favorite design, we will communicate with you though Basecamp to gather the necessary items for your website project such as navigation, page content, photographs, etc. Your prompt communication at this stage is appreciated so that we can gather everything quickly and pass your project over to the design team for building.

2b: Website Development

Now that we have all your necessary materials and have checked off your ‘to-do’ list, the project is scheduled in for pre-launch review and handed to a designer for development. The website build typically takes about one month, so at this stage, you can sit back and relax while we create your beautiful new real estate website.

Step 3 Progress 100%

3a: Pre-Launch Review

When your website is completed, it will be uploaded to our testing server and presented to you for a pre-launch review. The pre-launch review period is 2 weeks, which gives you ample opportunity to test your website and notify us of any changes needed before the website goes ‘live’. When you are ready for launch, we will collect the remaining balance of the website setup cost and move forward to stage 3B.

3b: Website Launch

Congratulations, your shiny new website is launched! You will receive an email containing all the information you need to access and enjoy your new website, along with a video overview created specifically for you by one of our designers. If you have subscribed to our SiteCare service, then Style Agent is here to provide assistance when you need it.

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