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Let's Chat

Every great website project starts with a free consultation by phone.  Call 800.983.7895 and press #1 to connect with an experienced designer for a chat about your website needs.  We will explain our services in detail, give you exact pricing (setup cost and monthly fees) for any website in our Portfolio, and provide you with a cost estimation for your project.

Our goal is to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision in partnering with Style Agent on your new real estate website project.  If you’re ready to move forward, we’ll give you access to our secure online order form so you can get started.

Design Process

The website project is now activated in Basecamp (our favorite web-based project-management tool).  As the name suggests, Basecamp is the center of operations and is where we collaborate with you through the design process to the finished product.

In Basecamp, you will complete a simple website worksheet and then consult with a designer to choose the perfect design.  Once your design is selected, we move onto the website navigation (pages and layout) and collect your content for integration into the site.  The final step in the design process is to collect your photographs, or, if you prefer, let us choose the images from our stock photography selection.

Now We Build!

Now that we have everything we need to proceed, it’s time to hand over your project to our design team for development.  This is our favorite part of the process because we get to take all of the components and transform them into a beautiful piece of (online) art.

Sit back and relax while a skilled designer gets to work on creating your new real estate website. This stage of the process typically takes around two weeks (a little longer for larger sites) to complete and we’ll keep you posted as we progress with the website build.

Review & Launch

Congratulations!  Your website is now complete and ready for your review on our testing server.  This is your chance to review the website (before anyone else sees it!) and request any tweaks and changes to prepare the website for live launching.  One round of revisions is typically enough to perfect the website ready for the world to see.

When you are ready, we will launch to the main domain name and send your ‘launch’ email containing a video overview, account login, and other details pertaining to your new website.  We are here to provide the support you need and keep your website running smoothly 24/7.