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Step 1 Progress
1a: Website Worksheet

After ordering your new website, we will setup your account on Basecamp (our favorite web-based project-management tool) and invite you along to collaborate.  At this stage, through Basecamp, you will complete a simple website worksheet, then chat with a designer by phone to discuss your goals and determine what type of design (theme) will suit your business needs.

1b: Choose Your Design

After the consultation, your designer will scout out and hand-pick a selection of premium WordPress themes that match your desired criteria, and help you to choose the perfect design for your website project.  If you’re feeling adventurous, we will be happy to give you full access to our design gallery to see all available themes.  After signing off on your design choice, we will then proceed to step 2A.

Step 2 Progress
2a: Website Navigation

You will be presented with a default menu navigation containing our core pages and IDX Broker default pages (if IDX Broker has been chosen).  Edit the website navigation to add any additional pages you may need, remove any core pages that you don’t wish to use or move the menu sections around as needed.

2b: Provide Your Content

Our design team will review your website navigation to assess the content needed for any additional pages that you may have requested.  You can then upload your content (text, photographs, etc.) into Basecamp so we can assess the design time needed for the development of your additional pages and then provide you with a detailed cost analysis.

Step 3 Progress
3a: Photographs

Our team will assess your website project and let you know how many images we will need to build into the pages of your site. In addition to providing your own photographs, you will also have access to choose 20 high quality stock images (over $600 worth!) from iStock.com. Adding high-end stock photography can enhance your website and give it a more professional look.

3b: Website Development

With everything checked off your ‘to-do’ list, it’s time to make payment for the remaining balance of website setup + add-ons.  After we process your payment, you will be provided with a date (within 21 days) when your website will be ready for pre-launch review (Step 4a).  You can now sit back and relax while our design team gets to work on building your new website.

Step 4 Progress
4a: Pre-Launch Review

When your website is completed, it will be uploaded to our testing server and presented to you for pre-launch review.  This is your chance to review the website and request any tweaks and changes to prepare the website for live launching. SiteCare and IDX Broker (if applicable) subscription is now active but service is restricted until the website is fully launched to your domain.

4b: Website Launch

Congratulations, your shiny new website is launched! You’ll receive an email containing everything you will need to access your new website, along with a video overview created specifically for you by one of our designers.  Your website will now be covered by our SiteCare service and our team is on hand to provide the support you need to keep your website running smoothly 24/7.

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