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IDX Broker

IDX/MLS by IDX Broker™

Power up your real estate website with IDX Broker™

Since 2013, we have partnered with IDX Broker™ to integrate their powerful IDX tools into our real estate websites. Through our long-term partnership, we sell this powerful IDX system at cost and take care of the setup, website integration, billing and front line support – saving you time, money and stress!

We offer both the entry-level Lite plan and the more advanced Platinum plan to meet the needs and budget of every Realtor®.  Either IDX plan will add a ton of functionality and lead generation capability to any real estate website.

Contact Style Agent directly to discuss your options, MLS coverage and pricing based on your specific location and team size.

IDX Broker
IDX Broker Lite
  • Lite

    For real estate professionals looking to get started with IDX home search essentials at an affordable cost.
  • Automatic Property Listings Display
  • Multiple Property Search Pages
  • Email Update Signup
  • Omnibar Search Widget
  • Easy upgrade to Platinum
  • and many more features...
  • Features & Pricing
IDX Broker Platinum
  • Platinum

    For real estate professionals looking to advance their online presence with the most powerful IDX search tools.
  • Polygon Map Search Tool
  • Market Reports
  • Listing Pro & Home Atlas Templates
  • Social Media Logins
  • Sold Data Search Functionality
  • and many more features...
  • Features & Pricing
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