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Style Agent Website
  • BILT™ Real Estate Website

  • $1750Setup
  • BILT™ real estate website powered by WordPress. Website package includes responsive mobile design, premium theme, fully licensed ownership, and much more. Website setup requires a split payment, with $1000 to start the project and the remaining balance of $750 due prior to launching.
  • Features Included
  • SiteCare

  • $50Month
  • Our comprehensive website management service for your total peace of mind. Includes customer service, technical support, website hosting, SSL encryption (https), 30 minutes of design time, WordPress maintenance, automated backups, referral program and much more.
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IDX Broker Lite/Platinum
  • IDX Broker Lite / Platinum

  • $-Same as IDX Broker
  • Power up your Style Agent real estate website with IDX Broker Lite or Platinum. Through our partnership with IDX Broker, we sell this leading IDX system at cost and take care of the IDX setup, website integration, billing and front line support – saving you time, money and stress!
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Pricing FAQs

Here are a few of the frequently asked questions that we get asked. Use these FAQs as a quick guide but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have specific questions and would like to chat with a designer.

Do I own the website?

Yes. Our website package includes fully licensed website ownership. We build our websites on the WordPress platform using open source / non-proprietary software so that they will function properly, no matter where they are hosted.

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Is there anything that can change the setup price?

The only thing that can change the base setup cost is the number of custom pages that you may need during the website build. Our base pricing includes 5 hours dedicated to the development of custom pages. Over 90% of customers need less than 5 hours of time dedicated to custom pages, so chances are you will not need to pay anything extra.

For those customers that do require more, then more time can be purchased at our regular hourly rate of $75.00 per hour. We have carefully calculated our pricing so that folks that don’t need so much, pay less and folks that need more, pay more.

Click here to learn more about custom page development.

Do you run sales or promotions?

Rarely.  Our website service is competitively priced at the lowest rate we can go. To avoid confusion, we don’t play games with our pricing. Our service is in high demand and we do sell out every month without fail.

Do you offer upgrade incentives to current customers?

Yes. If you are a current Style Agent customer with one of our older websites built between September 2005 and August 2015, we do offer a $200 discount off the setup cost of a new BILT™ real estate website.

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If I choose SiteCare, when do I start paying for it?

When your website is launched!  Unlike other companies that charge a monthly service fee from the get-go, we only charge for SiteCare when you actually start using it!

What happens if I decline SiteCare?

If you decline our SiteCare service then you will be responsible for your own web hosting, support, backups, security, WordPress core updates, theme updates, SSL certificate renewal, premium plugin renewal, etc. There will be no further support from Style Agent after we zip up the website files and hand them over to you so hopefully you know what you’re doing.  If SiteCare is declined, there is a $100.00 fee to cover the website file transfer over to you.

Our SiteCare service is competitively priced and is a no-brainer for most Realtors that simply don’t have the time or the know-how to deal with the care and attention that a website needs to run smoothly 24/7.

Click here to learn more about SiteCare.

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